A Complete Homecare Management Solution for Texas

Designed to manage all of your member and compliance needs, simplify daily tasks, and streamline your business operations.

Texas EVV Homecare

Meet the New State-Funded EVV Vendor in Texas

Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) has partnered with HHAeXchange to help Texas homecare service providers remain compliant with state and federal Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) laws, and ensure a simplified, user-friendly, and seamless experience.

Beyond the State-Funded EVV Solution  

The HHAeXchange platform offers a lot more than just EVV. HHAeXchange’s Enterprise solution* is a complete homecare management solution, providing incremental functionality for a paid subscription on top of the state-funded HHAeXchange Portal (which is available at no cost to all providers in Texas).  

With the HHAeXchange Enterprise solution, you can oversee all your members and compliance needs, streamline the management of your business operations, and much more.  

Take Advantage of Introductory Offers

Move to HHAeXchange Enterprise & Save

HHAeXchange is committed to ensuring a successful transition and onboarding for all Texas providers. Just like the state-funded HHAeXchange Portal, we will get you up and running quickly with up to a year’s worth of visit data migrated to your new HHAeXchange Enterprise solution and up to five years of members, authorizations, service providers, and more. 

And to ease the burden of transitioning and reduce confusion for providers, HHAeXchange will not charge subscription fees to agencies who choose to purchase our enhanced Enterprise solution until 4/1/24. Get started today by requesting a demo of our Enterprise solution! 

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Manage Payroll Seamlessly With ADP

Worry less about payroll—and more about caring for your members. Together, HHAeXchange and ADP streamline payroll for homecare agencies.  

After HHAeXchange aggregates and downloads hours from mobile EVV check-ins, ADP’s fast, easy, and accurate payroll software ensures your service providers are paid correctly and on-time, all while saving you time and money.  

For a limited time, when you upgrade to the HHAeXchange Enterprise solution, you’ll be eligible for four months of ADP payroll service at no cost (new subscription required). 


Top Features Available to Texas Providers with HHAeXchange’s Enterprise Solution

Fast, Accurate, & Easy Billing  

Reduce denials and increase cash flow by efficiently managing AR, cash posting, collections, expenses, and private pay billing. 

Save Time with Scheduling 

Streamline the scheduling process by easily matching service providers and participants to create schedules that stay compliant and best align with member needs. 

Payroll & Attendance Simplified 

Effortlessly track overtime, PTO, absences, and training and integrate with your payroll solution to streamline the process for your office staff. 

Comparing HHAeXchange Features

HHAeXchange Portal

No-cost, state-funded EVV portal

Electronic Visit Verification
  • Mobile App  
  • Clock-In and Clock-Out via Mobile App, Telephony, or Alternative Device 
  • Telephony in English & Spanish  
Mobile App
  • GPS Clock-In / Clock-Out 
  • Multi-Language Support (20+ languages) 
  • Plan of Care Duty Tracking 
  • Directions to Next Shift 
  • Offline Mode (for areas with no service)   
  • Authorization Management 
  • Master Week Creation 
  • Dynamic Scheduling Management 
  • Clock-In / Clock-Out Call Exception Dashboard 
  • Manual Visit Creation 
  • Visit Maintenance 
  • Profile Management (Provider, Client, Service Providers)   
  • Pre-Billing Claims Scrubbing 
  • eBilling (837) 
Data Management
  • EVV Standard Reports (TX) 
  • Out of Box Reporting 
  • Visit Maintenance 
  • CDS Reports 
  • Manual Visit Creation    

Enterprise Solution

*Everything in the HHAeXchange Portal, plus the following features for an additional cost 

Electronic Visit Verification
  • Telephony in 20+ Additional Languages   
Mobile App 
  • Service Provider HR Compliance Review 
  • New Open Shift Broadcast / Acceptance 
  • Two-Way Chat with Office 
  • Value-Based Data Collection (Care Insights) 
  • Referral Management  
  • Operational Efficiency Worklists 
  • New Open Shift Broadcasting 
  • Service Provider Availability / Skillset Search 
  • Family Portal Profile Management (Provider, Client, Service Provider)    
  • Private Pay Billing 
  • Accounts Receivable Management 
  • Cash Posting Management 
  • Collections Management 
  • Travel Time and Expense Management  
  • 835 Remittances  
  • Customized Payroll Integration 
Data Management
  • Report Builder 
  • Automatic Subscriptions to Reports  
  • Paperless Document Management  
  • Insights Dashboards 
  • Database Replication via AWS 
  • Doctor’s Order (485) Creation 
  • Doctor’s Order (485) eFax 
  • Clinical Documentation (Assessment/Reassessments)     
HR & Compliance
  • Service Provider Medical Compliance Tracking  
  • Service Provider Training Compliance Tracking  
  • Absence / PTO / Training Management  
  • Overtime Tracking and Avoidance 
  • Automatic Member Eligibility List Checking 
  • Automatic Service Provider Exclusion List Checking  
  • Service Provider Applicant Intake and Onboarding    
  • HHAeXchange Partner Integration (Connect HHAeXchange platform with complementary, industry-leading solutions)   

Meet with HHAeXchange’s Texas Experts

Now is the time to meet with our Texas homecare experts, to learn what HHAeXchange can do for you and your agency. And ask them if they own any cowboy boots while you’re at it! 

Act now to receive HHAeXchange’s Enterprise solution at no cost until April 1, 2024! 

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