Does the phrase “new homecare software” fill you with fear? You aren’t alone. Some providers find themselves putting off implementing new tools, like a new electronic visit verification platform, because they’re worried it will be difficult to teach their caregivers how to use it, or that their caregivers will be unhappy with the change. But in the wise words of Mark Twain, “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Implementing homecare management software with flexible EVV methods will allow you to grow your business, and with the right vendor on your side, there’s no reason to be nervous about making the switch. 

Over the years the team at HHAeXchange has established some best practices for providers who are implementing EVV for the first time or moving to a new EVV system. These tips will make the transition easier for you and your team and get everyone excited about the new system. 

1. Make Sure Your New EVV Vendor Has Everything You Need 

This may seem obvious, but before you dedicate a lot of time and effort into learning and teaching your caregivers a new system, make sure that your new EVV vendor has everything you need to make your business successful. Important considerations include: 

  • Does your EVV vendor facilitate communication between the provider and payers? This connection will make it easier for you to process billing and payroll and stay compliant. 
  • Does your EVV vendor offer more than just EVV functionality? Choosing a stand-alone EVV vendor might result in you having to juggle multiple software applications to carry out the day-to-day management of your agency. 
  • Does your EVV vendor accommodate self-direction? Many providers are expanding their business to accommodate consumer-directed services. 

2. For New EVV Software, Slow is Fast and Fast is Slow 

While you may be excited about getting everyone up and running on the new software, remember that if you take your time to ensure everyone fully understands how to operate the new system, there will likely be fewer time-consuming mistakes down the road.  

3. Process Guides Are Your Friend 

At HHAeXchange, we provide our new clients with process guides that outline step-by-step instructions on how to get up and running, such as guides they can give their caregivers showing them how to download the mobile app, or instructions for providers on how to get access to their new business intelligence reports. If your vendor offers process guides, make sure you use them. Chances are that any questions you might have will be answered in these highly detailed documents. 

4. Keep in Close Contact with Your Vendor 

Sometimes documents just aren’t enough, and you might have complex questions or find there are certain things that your caregivers are struggling with. When this happens, it’s nice to be able to talk to a real person. At HHAeXchange, for providers using our Enterprise platform, we have a designated specialist assigned to each account during implementation. They are the person that providers should turn to when they have a question or are struggling with something related to implementation. 

5. Don’t Skip the Training 

As much as no one wants to sit through any training, utilizing the resources provided to your agency is the best way to get everyone on your team up to speed with the new software. During implementation with HHAeXchange, you will have access to HHAeXchange University. This virtual training allows your team to get up to speed on all facets of the Enterprise system business practices, including EVV readiness. 

6. Make Learning Fun, not a Chore 

Long and dry training sessions aren’t going to motivate anyone to learn. Instead, try to make learning the new system fun by giving out prizes for the caregivers who are early adopters. If you have HHAeXchange, you can also consider using one of our caregiver rewards integrations to incentivize caregivers to correctly and regularly use mobile EVV methods. 

7. Explain Why You Are Making the Change 

Make sure your caregivers understand all the ways the new system will help them and their clients. According to research conducted by HHAeXchange, 67% of caregivers said that they would spend an extra 3 – 5 minutes after each visit recording patient observations into a mobile app if they knew it could improve their patients’ care. Caregivers are highly motivated by their patients’ outcomes, which is why it’s important that they realize how switching software will help facilitate that. 

Make Your EVV Software Switch a Smooth Process 

Once you make the decision to switch EVV providers, your next goal will be to make the transition as smooth as possible for you, your office staff, and your caregivers. By following the steps above, and working with a vendor like HHAeXchange, you can rest assured that not only will it be easy to make the switch, but your employees will have the technology they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. 

To learn more about how HHAeXchange’s homecare management solution, and our implementation process, request a demo today!