We want to make your homecare agency more efficient in every way. That means removing billing hurdles, streamlining your communication tools, speeding up your data analysis and reporting, and so much more. Put more simply, we want your job to be easy! That’s why in January we made multiple updates to functions like billing, contracts, and messaging, so that you can spend less time on our platform, and more time focusing on your clients. Let’s dive into the details of these updates. 

Improved Messaging with SMS Enhancements  

To foster impactful and streamlined communication, we’ve introduced two critical updates for SMS: duplicate message warnings and character guidelines. These changes are geared towards enhancing the quality of messages while encouraging the use of our mobile app for communication. The character guidelines ensure messages remain concise, with limits set at 160, 640, or 1120 characters. The duplicate message warning prevents the same message from being sent multiple times within 24 hours, promoting more thoughtful and efficient communication. 

As a reminder, our caregiver mobile app is considered the gold standard for communication. It offers real-time, HIPAA compliant, two-way chats between you and your caregivers.  

Prebilling Expanded Authorization Issue Descriptions 

In our Prebilling module, we’ve added detailed descriptions for authorization issues, aiding in quicker resolution and clearer understanding of billing problems. This feature enhances the clarity and efficiency of the billing process, ensuring issues are identified and addressed promptly. 

New Claims Statuses for Better Compliance Tracking 

The quicker you can understand the status of your claims, the speedier your entire billing process will be. That’s why we’ve introduced ‘Compliance Pass’ and ‘Compliance Fail’ statuses in the Claim Status column of the Invoiced Visit Search page. This update provides immediate insight into whether a claim has passed validation and will be submitted or if it needs reprocessing, streamlining the compliance and billing workflow.  

Advanced Contract Setup Features 

The Allocate Visit Authorizations based on Billable Service field is now set to solely authorize visits based on Bill Hours. In the past, the allocation would affect the Scheduled Hours or Billed Hours, whichever of the two was lowest.  This refinement ensures that visit authorizations are more accurately aligned with billable services, enhancing billing efficiency

At HHAeXchange, we’re dedicated to transforming the way homecare agencies operate, making every aspect of your job smoother and more efficient. Our January updates reflect this commitment. From the expanded capabilities in secondary billing for UPR Contract Patients, to streamlined SMS messaging, each update is designed with your agency’s needs in mind.  

These new features are about giving you back valuable time. Time that can be better spent focusing on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to your clients. We’re excited to see how these changes positively impact your agency and look forward to continuing to support your journey towards greater efficiency and homecare success. 

To learn more about how you can use these features, contact us today!