In late 2016, the New York Times reported that home care aides represented one of the fastest-growing jobs in America, with more than 1.4 million people employed in the role. The same report indicated that turnover in the space hovers between 40 and 60 percent annually.

As an agency owner, you know that one of the most challenging aspects of your job is finding, maintaining and managing home care aides. And we’re not here to tell you that we can solve your problem with the snap of our fingers, but we do have three recommendations that can help you increase both retention and satisfaction rates for your aides.

  1. Make sure they get paid: Understandably, home care aides want to be compensated for the important work they do. Many providers today rely on manual schedules and excel sheets that can lead to calculation errors and missed hours worked. By investing in a central platform, you can create schedules and track hours automatically, reducing errors and ensuring accurate payment. You’ll also avoid under- or overbooking an aide and cut your administrative costs.
  2. Make their jobs (and yours) easier: Home care aides work hard, and the work they do that isn’t directly connected to delivering high quality member care can be frustrating. Choose a platform that provides your aides with the option to download an app. With HHAeXchange, for example, aides can login to the app to check or change their schedules, track their time and access member history information on the go – allowing them to provide better care.
  3. Make sure they feel connected: Everyone wants to be a part of a community, and home care aides are no different – even though they tend to work in solo situations. By providing your aides with a virtual community, you can start to build a culture that makes them feel connected to their peers and their agency. Polls have consistently found that employees who feel connected do better work and stay with their employer longer.

Home care is a growing – and competitive – industry. Stop spending so much time backfilling vacant aide positions so you can focus on increasing referrals and growing your business.

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