About Countrywide Home Care 

Founded in 2017, Countrywide Home Care is a Philadelphia-based agency that currently serves more than 350 clients. The agency’s mission is to provide services to clients in their homes assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day, self-care activities. They are committed to providing high-quality, multidisciplinary care by professionals who recognize the need for comprehensive assessment of needs from both the client and professional’s point of view. 

Challenge: Homecare Billing Efficiency

Countrywide Improves homecare billing efficincy with HHAeXchange

Countrywide Home Care first began using the HHAeXchange solution in 2019 when they served about 60 clients. At that time, they had been managing the agency’s business processes via spreadsheets. Each week, two and a half business days were needed just to complete their billing and payroll processes, leaving little time for all the other administrative tasks essential to operating a homecare agency. The team knew that as they added more clients, these time-consuming processes would quickly become ineffective and unmanageable, and hinder their potential for growth.  

Solution: Streamlined Process and Improved Insight into Operations

Implementing HHAeXchange enabled the agency to improve efficiency of these critical business processes by 90%. With HHAeXchange, Countrywide Home Care was able to reduce the number of staff hours needed for billing and payroll from approximately 24 hours per week to about two hours per week.  

“HHAeXchange’s capabilities are equivalent to two to three full-time staff members,” said Katerina Kovalenko, Countrywide Home Care’s General Manager. “But more than that, it organizes everything in one place. Before HHAeXchange, I would need to go to different staff members to get important updates and information, but now we have direct access to information which enables our entire team to act faster and be more proactive.” 

Ms. Kovalenko, who was new to the homecare industry when she joined Countrywide Home Care, says HHAeXchange was a true partner that helped show her the way and advise her on best practices in running and growing a homecare agency. “The HHAeXchange system was built based on the homecare agency’s needs. In a way, HHAeXchange helped teach me the homecare industry,” said Ms. Kovalenko. 

Countrywide Home Care added 290 clients over 4 years. What can we do for you?

And like other agencies across the industry, Countrywide Home Care is challenged with fierce competition for caregivers. The agency makes caregiver retention a top strategic priority. Tools like HHAeXchange’s mobile app are used to help provide an exceptional experience for caregivers by alleviating some of the stressful and tedious parts of a caregiver’s job and providing a work culture caregivers will stay for. 

Looking Ahead 

As Countrywide Home Care successfully streamlined their homecare billing efficiency and improved access to data, they could turn their focus towards growing their agency, for which HHAeXchange played a pivotal role. 

Leveraging HHAeXchange to manage all of their administrative tasks has enabled the agency to collect important data about their business. They use HHAeXchange’s Business Insights tools to easily spot items that need attention and quickly take action to correct them. The reporting has also enabled them to identify and focus on the areas that move the needle the most – something that has proven to be successful in driving their growth.  

“The reporting tools in HHAeXchange have been a huge time saver,” Ms. Kovalenko said. “You can literally see where your agency is moving or where there is a problem, what needs action. That precious time can then be spent on fixing this problem rather than analyzing and finding it.” 

HHAeXchange has enabled Kovalenko and her staff to improve efficiency and invest more time in growing their agency, which has resulted in increasing from 60 clients in 2019 to over 350 today. 

“I could not imagine my life managing a homecare agency without HHAeXchange,” Ms. Kovalenko said. “I 100% recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies because it makes life easier and homecare is not an easy business. HHAeXchange saves us money, is an efficient technology, and helps us be faster.”