Selfhelp Community Services provides a broad set of services to more than 25,000 elderly, frail, and vulnerable New Yorkers each year, while remaining the largest provider of comprehensive services to Holocaust survivors in North America. Selfhelp offers a complete network of home care and community-based services with the overarching goal of helping seniors live with dignity and independence and avoid institutionalization. 

Before implementing HHAeXchange, Selfhelp struggled with operational inefficiencies, particularly in managing schedules, billing, compliance, and HR tasks. According to Amy Leshner Thomas, Vice President of Homecare at Selfhelp, “The old days of using a time sheet… having to get it in by a certain day… that’s been very difficult.” Manual processes and paper-based systems made these tasks cumbersome and time-consuming.

Adopting HHAeXchange’s homecare management software enabled smoother care coordination, allowing staff to handle larger case loads more efficiently. Compliance tracking became more manageable, reducing the administrative burden on HR personnel, and billing was expedited, resulting in faster payments.

Additionally, the HHAeXchange mobile app provided caregivers with convenient tools for reporting and managing their duties, ultimately enhancing their job satisfaction and retention rates. Thomas explained, “What we’ve done with HHAeXchange has really allowed us to retain employees because they’re getting paid on time.” Selfhelp also praised HHAeXchange’s support system, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative partnership in addressing their unique needs.

Overall, by leveraging HHAeXchange, Selfhelp Community Services successfully overcame their operational challenges, leading to improved efficiency, compliance, and employee satisfaction.