About VNS Health

For more than 125 years, VNS Health has led the way as an innovator in home and community health care. VNS Health applies expertise, compassion, and commitment to provide and manage care for millions of individuals who want to live, age, and heal where they feel most comfortable — in their homes, connected to family and community.


The VNS Health Personal Care team was challenged by time-consuming manual processes and struggled with reporting and analyzing data between disparate

VNS Health and HHAeXchange Case Broadcasting

business systems that weren’t connected. VNS Health knew they needed to find a home care management platform designed to meet unique home care industry needs, one that could also help them seamlessly connect to existing business systems and new platforms as their business evolved. Comprehensive reporting and business intelligence to boost growth were also key, and the nonprofit wanted to streamline manual processes and improve efficiency.


The VNS Health team chose to implement HHAeXchange, as it connects providers, state Medicaid programs, managed care organizations (MCOs), and caregivers in one platform. With the HHAeXchange solution, the organization looked to improve data connectivity as well as efficiency, communication, transparency, and compliance.

Another important factor in VNS Health’s decision to work with HHAeXchange was its Partner Connect program, as it would enable integration with other business systems to improve overall efficiency and gain better data visibility. James Rolla, Senior Vice President of Personal Care at VNS Health said, “We needed a solution that played well with others, and could easily integrate with other platforms to avoid needless drain on our resources.”

VNS Health is in the process of implementing HHAeXchange partner Caribou Rewards, a staff incentive platform, as a component of their caregiver retention strategy. The integration between HHAeXchange and Caribou gives VNS Health the visibility they need to track dollars needed for Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP)reporting to the state and tie spending to key performance indicators for their workforce. Rolla said, “HHAeXchange understands what agencies need and makes the data with these partner systems easy to access and report on from one integrated interface.”

VNS Health improved efficiency and compliance. What can we do for you?

VNS Health has also benefited from HHAeXchange’s data-powered business intelligence and reporting. HHAeXchange’s Business Intelligence tools help VNS Health pinpoint issues, identify root causes, and improve their ability to stay laser-focused on the activities that move the needle where it matters, including growing census, matching patients with caregivers, and improving the caregiver experience.

Rolla said, “With HHAeXchange, we get streamlined reports that give us real insight into our business and help us take action on what will make the biggest impact.”

Kelly Harned, Vice President of Administration, Personal Care at VNS Health shared that HHAeXchange’s reporting tools have been incredibly helpful for revenue management, managing and improving plan of care compliance, EVV compliance, placement, and case acceptance. Harned said, “The Business Intelligence dashboards give a great at-a-glance snapshot every day. These are the metrics our team is looking for and we are over the moon!”

Harned also shares that VNS Health has benefited from the support HHAeXchange provides to help them get the most out of the platform and find strategic solutions to their challenges. Harned said, “If you are going to invest in software, you want someone to invest in your company’s success as well. The team at HHAeXchange has been very focused on customer success and that gives us every reason to cheer.”