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Provider Enrollment Form

Electronic Visit Verification Solution for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) and Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) – Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

HFS and DHS-DDD have partnered with HHAeXchange to help Illinois providers become compliant with state and federal Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements and ensure a simplified, user-friendly, and seamless experience.

The first step will be to fill out the Provider Enrollment Form, linked below, to identify yourself as an Illinois provider agency.

Selecting an EVV solution that fits your provider agency

This enrollment form is designed to capture information about your agency in order for HHAeXchange to collect and report EVV data for all personal care services (PCS) provided through the Adults with DD waiver and DD Children Support waiver programs.

Your provider agency plays a vital role in the success of the state’s EVV program. As part of your participation with Illinois DDD, you have two options to ensure EVV compliance:

  • Option 1 – Agencies currently without an EVV Solution: You can choose to use free EVV tools from HHAeXchange for Personal Support Worker (PSW) services.
  • Option 2 – Agencies currently using another 3rd Party EVV Solution: You can continue using your existing EVV system or you can switch to the free HHAeXchange EVV solution. If you elect to continue utilizing your current 3rd Party EVV solution, your EVV visit data will be imported into HHAeXchange using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). If you choose to stay with your current EVV provider please visit the EDI process tab for further instructions.

Information Sessions were held for all providers, regardless of which option you choose, to share key dates and details about the HHAeXchange EVV Portal implementation, including key workflow changes, system benefits, and next steps.

The recording and slide deck can be found below:

Important Dates

  • Information Session: May 31, 2023-June 7, 2023
  • System User training: August 7, 2023-August 9, 2023, August 14th and August 16th
  • Learning Management System Access: August 1, 2023
  • Go-Live: September 1, 2023

HHAeXchange is offered at no cost to the providers. However, we understand that providers may need to expend time and resources to implement a change this large in order to achieve compliance in partnership and cooperation with Illinois (IL) DHS-DDD and HFS. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you will get if you choose the no-cost HHAeXchange EVV Portal.


  • Participant Management for the DHS-DDD Program
  • Mobile Application in Multiple Languages
  • Telephone Lines in English and Spanish
  • EVV options focused on Self-Direction
  • Clock-In / Clock-Out Exception Dashboard
  • Submission / Aggregation of EVV Data to DHS-DDD


  • Plan of Care Adherence
  • Visit Confirmation Compliance
  • Visit Reporting

Purpose-Built for Self-Direction

  • Participant or employer review and approval of time worked

Go-Live Support Webinar

The Go-Live Support Webinar was held for all in scope providers and covered the updates and changes related to the Illinois Implementation in the HHAeXchange system. The webinar sessions concluded on Thursday August 24, 2023. The recording and slide deck can be found below:


Upcoming Webinars

Please click here for Additional Training Webinars.

Provider System User Training

Provider System User Training will be provided via the HHAeXchange Learning Management System (LMS). Providers will have to log on the Learning Management System to complete their training to understand the use of the HHAeXchange Provider Portal along with its functionalities. This training is required to ensure you have a clear understanding of the functionalities available to you in the HHAeXchange Provider Portal. The courses include a variety of videos, documents, and tests to help ensure you have a clear understanding of the different aspects of the Provider Portal to use for your EVV benefits.

Use the Learning Management System (LMS):

Receive LMS Credentials from the HHAeXchange Onboarding Team and follow instructions to complete the courses and videos on a self-paced format to complete.

  • An email will be sent to the contact that completed the Cognito Survey
  • One Username will be sent for your Agency to use. Username can be distributed amongst all members of your agency to complete the assigned courses.
  • Login to the LMS website using the provided credentials in the email
  • Work on completing the courses by reviewing the information provided
  • Any updates made to the password should be distributed amongst all members who have access to the account
  • All providers can contact us by submitting a ticket via the Client Support Portal:


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Process

EDI Overview (Integrating with a 3rd Party Agency Management System)

Note, this process applies specifically for providers that chose option 2, found on the “Overview” tab above.

Thank you for working with HHAeXchange on the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project for your agency. Below you will find information about the general requirements and steps to successfully integrate your 3rd Party Agency Management System with HHAeXchange. EDI providers will be required to comply with both the business requirements and technical specifications listed below. Upon review of the documents below, please contact HHAeXchange to begin the integration process.

Initial steps EDI providers should follow:

Please review and follow the steps below, (these steps are also found on the HHAeXchange Provider EDI Welcome Packet):

  1. Business Requirements Link
  2. Technical Specification document
  3. Authorization Specification
  4. Please follow these instructions in order for the EDI team to receive your file. Go to, from the support portal page please click on 3rd party integration support and submit a caregiver import request.

Training Opportunities for EDI Providers

EDI Onboarding Webinar

Our EDI Onboarding Webinar has concluded. The recording and slide deck can be found below:

Recording | Slides

Service Code Service Description
T1019 Personal Support
T1019:TU Personal Support (Overtime)
T2034 Personal Support (Crisis Funding)
T2023:TU Personal Support (Crisis Funding Overtime)

All providers can use our Client Support Portal to find answers to questions and create support requests.

If you need to contact someone directly from DHS-DDD, please email [email protected].