How NY Homecare Agencies Stay Medically Compliant with HHAeXchange

Do you know if your agency’s medical records are compliant?

Member outcomes. Caregiver retention and recruitment. Payroll and billing. These are just a few of the many demands that New York homecare agencies must navigate daily. As agencies focus on keeping business running and improving member outcomes, they run the risk of overlooking medical compliance and often don’t realize until it’s too late.

Join HHAeXchange, NY Best Medical, and Ira Wincott (Labor and Employment Law, Littler Mendelson) as they discuss why New York homecare agencies should care about medical compliance. You’ll learn what it means to be medically compliant, how to clean up your medical records with HHAeXchange, and how agencies can use automation to stay compliant moving forward.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • What happens when an agency falls out of medical compliance, according to a homecare employment legal expert
  • How to leverage HHAeXchange Reporting to find where your agency might not be medically compliant
  • How to clean up your HHAeXchange medical records and use automation to maintain compliance moving forward

Find out how to improve your NY homecare agency’s caregiver medical compliance and learn about automated strategies to maintain compliance– complete the form to view the webinar.