Your Caregiver Retention Tech Toolbox

Caregiver turnover continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing the homecare industry.

While many agencies have leveled up their recruitment processes, they still struggle with caregiver retention. According to the HCP Benchmarking Report, the median homecare caregiver turnover rate was 64% in 2021. As you look for ways to improve your caregiver workplace experience, you might be thinking of enhanced training, benefits, and career pathways for your caregivers. Have you considered your tech stack?

In this panel discussion, HHAeXchange’s Director of Product and Customer Marketing, Abhik Mitra, leads a discussion with Ori Holtzman, COO of Keeper, and Alex Oosterveen, CEO at Caribou Rewards, about the tools that every provider should have in their caregiver retention tech toolbox. 

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Observations from the field – what other providers are saying about caregiver retention and trends that are having an impact on the industry 
  • Different tools that address the caregiver retention challenge 
  • Tactics you can leverage to improve caregiver job satisfaction, and why they work 

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