Prevent Member Risk Escalations With Early Detection and Alerts

Managed Care Organizations

Prevent Member Risk Escalations With Early Detection and Alerts

Prevent risk escalations with care insights and quality insights.

Make Member Observations Actionable Through Care Intervention

With HHAeXchange’s Care Insights, payers can leverage caregivers’ frequent visits with members to improve health outcomes through real-time change in condition alerts, SDOH observation reporting, and gathering in-home health-related metrics over time at member, risk cohort, and population levels.

Address Risk Factors and Improve Outcomes

  • Leverages caregivers’ frequent engagement with members for early risk identification
  • Aligns with existing value-based care and care/disease/wellness management programs
  • Enhance case-management workflows for high-priority care intervention

Prompt Providers to Close Care Gaps

Whether it’s an overdue mammogram, seasonal flu vaccine, or another important preventative screening, HHAeXchange’s Quality Insights helps ensure that members receive necessary care.

Improve Outcomes with Proactive Care Information

  • Enables payers to easily share quality care needs of individual members with providers
  • Prompts providers to close care gaps in a timely manner
  • Improves outcomes with proactive care intervention
  • Supports payment incentives to providers

Are you ready to empower your value-based initiatives with actionable insights?