Homecare Management Software for Pennsylvania

Tools designed to simplify daily tasks, track EVV compliance, and help you manage your homecare agency proactively.

PA Homecare Management Software

An Integrated EVV Solution

With HHAeXchange’s EVV solution, your Pennsylvania homecare agency can seamlessly implement all aspects of EVV:​

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Track your compliance rate with quick and easy reporting
  • Provide a pathway to streamline and simplify agency workflows​
  • Enable value-based data collection to help improve quality of care​
  • Ensure coverage regardless of your preferred EVV method from Telephony/Land-Line, GPS Enabled Mobile Devices, and FOB devices​

Billing & Payroll Simplified​

​HHAeXchange streamlines the process for Pennsylvania homecare agencies with a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use solution that reduces denials and increases cash flow.

With HHAeXchange’s Enterprise solution, homecare agencies are able to:​

  • Efficiently manage AR, cash posting, collections, expenses, and private pay billing​
  • Seamlessly track overtime, PTO, absences, and training ​
  • Integrate with your payroll solution to make the processes fast, accurate, and easy for your office staff

Fast, Accurate, & Easy

Between collecting paper timesheets, validating visits, and ensuring claims are compliant, Pennsylvania providers often spend countless hours on manual payroll and billing tasks.​

With HHAeXchange, Pennsylvania providers have achieved a 99.9% first-pass acceptance rate and significantly reduced payroll processing time. 

See How It Works in 3 Minutes

“I 100% recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies because it makes life easier and homecare is not an easy business. HHAeXchange saves us money, is an efficient technology, and helps us be faster.” 

Katerina Kovalenko, Countrywide Home Care’s General Manager

Countrywide Home Care Improved Billing and Payroll Efficiency by 90% with HHAeXchange

We Know Homecare

For over a decade, HHAeXchange has been the premiere homecare software management company.  Selected by Pennsylvania Community HealthChoices for claims billing & EVV implementation, our award-winning, cloud-based solution has helped Pennsylvania providers minimize risk, increase efficiency, ensure compliance, empower caregivers, and improve health outcomes.

Meet with HHAeXchange’s Pennsylvania Expert

Now is the time to meet with DJ Paul, MBA, to learn what HHAeXchange can do for you and your agency. And ask him about his favorite hoagie spot, while you’re at it!

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