How We Help Homecare Agencies

Homecare Provider Features

How We Help Homecare Agencies

HHAeXchange offers a suite of homecare management features that enables agencies to optimize every aspect of their operations.


Electronic Visit Verification

Save time and prevent errors with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) tools that simplify the caregiver clock in and clock out process.

Homecare Scheduling App


Simplify and automate patient and caregiver schedules based on authorizations, plans of care, and patient needs.

Homecare Billing & Payroll

Billing & Payroll

Reduce time spent on labor-intensive and manual payroll and billing processes like collecting paper timesheets, validating visits, and ensuring claim compliance.

Homecare Mobile App

Mobile App

Available in 20+ languages, the HHAeXchange+ mobile app makes EVV, scheduling, and communication easier for everyone, especially caregivers—empowering them and positively influencing patient outcomes in the process.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Insight Dashboards

Improve efficiency and grow your agency with critical business intelligence reports for EVV compliance, revenue performance, and staffing optimization.

Value Based Care App

Value-Based Care

Equip providers with the necessary tools to gather real-time clinical data and proactively make patient observations directly at the point of care.