We’re all familiar with electronic visit verification (EVV), but are most people losing sight of its importance as the center of successful agency management? Sure, it’s an effective monitoring tool for tracking arrivals and departures, but top home care agencies are also using EVV as the engine to drive successful agency management. When EVV drives value throughout the whole platform including billing, auditing, payroll and aide management, agencies run more smoothly.

As anybody in the home care industry knows, traditional EVV tracks visit arrival and departure times, requires comments detailing the type of care provided during a visit and notes when a visit hasn’t been completed. Altogether, it serves as a monitoring tool that simplifies billing for providers and lets payers know when the care being paid for is the same as that being delivered. That said, agencies can leverage integrated EVV platforms to more efficiently track and verify that a patient is receiving proper care and that caregivers are adhering to a member’s plan-of-care.

Unfortunately, many home care provider agencies are still using disparate systems to accomplish everyday tasks, when integrating EVV into their workflows can automate these processes all in one place. Working together to share information across different parties is crucial for effective home care. Integrated platforms centered around EVV provide an efficient way to package the data in one place, reducing confusion, streamlining processes and minimizing the opportunity for error.

Agency management platforms with integrated EVV go beyond the traditional EVV usage we’re all used to. Automated systems that simplify scheduling and integrate with existing systems ensure home care agencies are better equipped to maximize each aide’s schedule and capabilities and avoid scheduling mix-ups. With EVV at the center of it all, managing data and collaborating with all parties is easier than ever. Instead of manually tracking everything, integrated platforms allow providers to tighten aide ranges and minimize driving time, avoid caregiver overlap and double payments, manage caregiver certifications and member preferences and, most importantly, ensure each member is receiving the right care, from the right person, at the right time.

While EVV certainly plays a significant role in helping to reduce fraud, waste and abuse within the home care provider network, it is only the first step in managing day-to-day operations. Integrated platforms offer a solution to complex communication issues, seamlessly allowing provider, payer and member processes to be managed in one place. Integrated agency management solutions that center around EVV ensure care compliancy is a priority and proper care is being delivered.

See how an agency management platform driven by EVV can help your agency reach success, streamlining processes so your caregivers can do what they do best: Care for your members.