Extensive paperwork, unauthorized claims, incorrect member IDs and billing codes, discrepancies between EVV data and claim data – staying on top of compliance requirements can be a homecare provider’s nightmare. Without a system that automates and tracks compliance as part of regular operations, homecare providers face daily issues trying to meet compliance standards.

At the HHAeXchange Business Summit this past fall, we discussed compliance and what’s coming in the homecare industry. Ensuring compliance is an ongoing effort, but we can help you prepare for what the future of compliance may hold.

Stuck in the day-to-day

Compliance may be part of day-to-day operations for some homecare agencies, but few truly embrace their management systems to ensure they are meeting requirements, effectively monitoring adherence and accurately setting goals. The tone from top executives affects how the rest of the company approaches compliance; it’s critical that executives designate compliance as part of company culture rather than a nuisance to check off a list. With a lot of uncertainty in the industry, the focus now should be on implementing solid homecare policies and procedures, then holding all parties accountable for achieving their goals.

A fully integrated future

Homecare providers should start future compliance plans with a thorough review of the measures proposed, and ask the following questions:

  • Can we track progress on each measure?

  • Do we need to create mechanisms for tracking?

  • What are the day-to-day actions, policies and communications that can positively affect performance?

  • How can we implement the necessary training, policies and systems to improve on the measures?

  • How will we measure progress to finetune the approach and activities?

  • Where do we stand relative to our peers?

Compliance should be seen in a larger context; it should be something people believe in, instead of just rules everyone is required to follow. Effective compliance policies should be a constant consideration that exists within the larger context of an organization. With a system like HHAeXchange’s Agency Management Solution, homecare providers can maximize compliance features to reinforce and verify the good work already being done and accurately monitor for areas of improvement.

Web-based software platforms that dynamically link payers and providers allow homecare agencies to create a shared environment and effectively interact with all parties in real time to improve operational efficiency. Real-time service monitoring can help reduce denials, improve communication and enhance referral management. Integrated solutions from companies like HHAeXchange provide efficient solutions to daily issues, making compliance part of everyday operations.

See how HHAeXchange’s Agency Management Solutions can help you streamline authorizations, case management and communication.