Stress, it’s a common feeling when there’s an unexpected open caregiver shift, affecting everyone involved—from the homecare administrators and caregivers to the people needing and receiving the care. When there is a shift to fill at the last minute, your agency administrator can be stuck spending hours texting and calling caregivers looking for someone who is available, qualified, and a good fit for the client. The caregiver is left waiting around for a call before they can plan their day. And of course, the client is potentially left without a visit that they desperately need.  

These frustrations are why many agencies are turning to case broadcasting, a feature offered within the HHAeXchange solution. This tool allows you to broadcast cases to all caregivers or a select group of caregivers that best match the client’s criteria. Let’s explore how this convenient tool saves everyone time and frustration by looking at the typical workflow for an agency using this feature. 

Morning Calm for a Homecare Administrator 

The sun rises over the city as Sarah, a dedicated homecare administrator, sips her coffee and opens her laptop. Today, like every day, she faces a critical task: ensuring that all the client shifts are adequately staffed. 

The Unforeseen Challenge 

As Sarah reviews the schedule, she notices a last-minute caregiver cancellation for an afternoon shift. The client, Mr. Thompson, requires specialized care due to his mobility issues. Sarah knows that finding a replacement on such short notice will be challenging. 

Harnessing Technology: The Case Broadcasting Tool 

Sarah turns to the HHAeXchange solution. She opens the shift and clicks the question mark next to the caregiver code, starting an availability search. Within moments, a list of available caregivers appears on her screen. With a few clicks, she crafts a message and broadcasts a case to the group of caregivers that the solution has labeled as the best match (based on location, preferences, etc.). The message, offering the shift, goes out via text and the mobile app, ensuring maximum reach. 

The Response 

Across the city, Emily, an experienced caregiver, receives the notification on her phone. She’s been using the HHAeXchange app for months and loves the flexibility it offers. The app shows her all the details of Mr. Thompson’s shift. She’s familiar with his needs and could use the extra money. With a simple tap, she accepts the shift. The app instantly updates the status to ‘pending.’ 

Seamless Confirmation 

Back at the agency, Sarah sees that Emily accepted the shift. She breathes a sigh of relief. She confirms the shift, and it gets added to Emily’s schedule in the app. The entire process took only a few moments, leaving her with more time to proactively plan future shifts, and conduct other important administrative tasks. 

A Happy Client 

Sarah later gets a message from Mr. Thompsons family, raving about how wonderful Emily was. Knowing that they can count on the agency to always meet his needs is the reason they recommend the homecare agency to family and friends. 

There are many time-consuming tasks associated with operating a homecare agency, but we firmly believe that scheduling should not be one of them. A case broadcasting tool gives your homecare administrators more time back in their day and your caregivers more autonomy over their own schedule; most importantly, it helps ensure that your clients are always getting the care they need, when they need it. 

If you would like to see the case broadcasting tool in action and learn what else our homecare scheduling tool can do, request a demo today!