As the homecare industry adapts to new policies, technologies and member needs, agencies often wonder how they can make processes more efficient and simplify day-to-day tasks to focus on providing quality care. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive:

How Can We Maximize Caregiver Schedules?

Homecare agencies that provide automated systems can simplify scheduling and become better equipped to avoid mix-ups, while maximizing each aide’s schedule and capabilities. A platform with an integrated dashboard also allows aides to access a “single source of truth” to view and manage their own schedules. A fully integrated homecare management platform will also allow agencies to maximize authorized hours, preventing revenue loss and ensuring that your patients aren’t left waiting for care, which will be incredibly important as the industry navigates changing Medicaid policies.

Optimized scheduling systems have the functionality to identify an aide who not only possesses the right qualifications for a particular member, but identifies the worker who is geographically the best fit to provide care. Even better if that system has a mobile app so aides can access everything on-the-go.

How Can We Ensure Members Are Receiving Care from the Right People?

Human resources processes are hard to manage manually, especially because it goes beyond paperwork and effects day-to-day operations. With an effective integrated system, providers can better manage aides’ trainings, including reminders and continuing education tracking. With up-to-date profiles of each employee’s demographics, emergency contacts, history, specialties and notes, agencies can ensure each aide’s expertise is being put to use and each member is receiving the right care, from the right person, at the right time.

How Do We Simplify Backend Processes?

How many hours a day does your agency spend sorting through billing and payroll processes? Traditional, manual methods for managing these processes don’t cut it anymore: They limit visibility and make it more difficult to ensure accuracy. With an automated one-step invoicing system, agencies can manage overtime seamlessly, better coordinate payments and split billing, accurately calculate payroll hours by caregiver, and improve all around communication with accounting packages, payroll companies and employees.

Integrated homecare management software should play an active role in any homecare agency’s daily operations. By using a single platform to automate processes, homecare agencies and their caregivers can save time on tedious tasks and focus on caring for their members.

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